Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Turning the ol' engine back over

Time has passed, and I haven't blogged here. Real-life commitments combined with increased WoW-time have really left me without time to blog. My free time, however, ought to be increasing significantly in the upcoming months - I'm finishing graduate school and looking forward to a rather mysterious employment future. Bad for the bank account, but good for blogging!

So I'm back, and I'll be kicking this site back into a slightly different gear - I've found myself playing the role of Hunter-theorycrafter more and more lately, and I'd like to share that with the world. So, once things get rolling again, what you see here will be something much more like a Hunter theorycraft site than a personal blog, though personal stuff will certainly leak through.

To the future - may it be thoroughly theorycrafted!

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